ACT Seniors Cards

This is the official ACT Seniors Card website with information about obtaining a card, finding participating businesses, special offers and discounts, and information for businesses about how to participate.

ACT Seniors Card

What is an ACT Seniors Card?

The ACT Seniors Card is part of an Australian wide initiative jointly supported by the ACT Government and Council on the Ageing (ACT).

The Scheme recognises the valuable contribution of older people in their local community.

Each state and territory has a Seniors Card scheme and some reciprocal arrangements are in place for using your card in other states & the Northern Territory.

The ACT Seniors Card is issued free and provides access to savings on a range of goods and services provided by participating businesses.

A combination of Government & Non government businesses make up the 300 participation organisations that provide a number of benefits and discounts on a wide range of goods and services.